Having spent a significant amount of time in Georgia since 2015, my curiosity has naturally led me to develop a keen interest in Armenia, the neighboring country. This interest has been amplified by the fact that my own country, France, holds a special place in the hearts of Armenians.

I spent many months crisscrossing Armenia from 2021, that is to say a few months after the “44-day war”; the pain and resentment was present but the experience of the meeting was all the more significant. As usual, I preferred to leave the standard travel routes and go to the geographical limits of the small landlocked state. I am above all attached to those who make Armenia today.

Along with the timeless side of landscapes dotted with monasteries, biblical stories (such as that of Noah’s Ark and Mount Ararat) mingled with limpid memories of a past that was sometimes tragic, but always noble and eloquent.