I have been self-publishing photographic books since 2013. You will not find them in bookstores (or on Amazon) but only on this site. You can click on the cover and flip through a few pages to get some idea of the content. You will notice that the emphasis is first on documentary photography but also on the story (in French and English). If you would like to order multiple copies, please contact me directly. You can save on expensive shipping costs.

Armenia, A legacy in stone

My latest book has just been released! Discover a series of journeys in intimate Armenia through photographs and text (in French-English), where each landscape, each sculpted stone tells us about the fascinating thousand-year-old culture and the turbulent history of the spiritual descendants of Noah.

2023, Bilingual (EN+FR), 112 pages, self-published, photographs and texts by the author.

Price: 20 € (postage +6€)


At the crossroads of East and West, Georgia is nestled between the Caucasus and the Black Sea. Majestic valleys dotted with impregnable fortresses thrum to the rhythm of transhumance and generous feasts. Troglodyte monasteries recall the presence of the first Christians, where viticulture was born 8,000 years ago. A land of character, a nation with rich secular traditions, Georgia amply reflects its designation as “the largest of the small countries”.

2018, Bilingual (EN+FR), 112 pages, self-published, photographs and texts by Nicolas Pernot.

Price: 20 € (postage +6€)

Tajikistan, Peoples & Landscapes

Between China and Afghanistan, Tajikistan is a little-known region of Central Asia. In the valleys between vertiginous peaks, valley-oases and high plateaus of the Pamir live an ancient people who know how to preserve their long-lived traditions and their unfailing hospitality.

Bilingual (EN+FR), 112 pages, self-published, photographs and texts by Nicolas Pernot

Price: 20 € (postage +6€)