Armenia photo gallery

Armenia, a Legacy in Stone

My latest book has just been released! discover in photographs and texts (French-English) a series of journeys in an intimate Armenia, where each landscape, each sculpted stone tells us about the fascinating thousand-year-old culture and the turbulent history of the spiritual descendants of Noah.

112 pages, self-published, photographs and texts by the author.

My documentary movie on Armenia

Check out the trailer for my documentary on Armenia. From October 2023, it will be screened as illustrated conferences in Quebec, Rhônes-Alpes, Switzerland, Brittany, and elsewhere. I continue meanwhile to present my other shows and presentations about Georgia, Tajikistan and Lake Baikal. 

About the author

Nicolas Pernot wears multiple hats as a photographer, documentary filmmaker, and lecturer, but he predominantly consider himself a modern-day nomad. An indefatigable explorer, he embarks on journeys to uncover the hidden secrets, cultures, and natural wonders of lesser-known regions.

During his speaking engagements, he takes the stage, as a masterful storyteller, to breathe life into his photographs and documentary films.

Four long stays led to photographic works and major illustrated conference tours in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec centering around his experiences in: Tajikistan (2010-2014), the island of Olkhone on Lake Baikal (2012-2016), Georgia since 2015, and Armenia (2021-2023).