A legacy in stone

About my latest photography book

Discover Armenia through captivating photographs and compelling stories, available in both French and English. In this journey, every landscape and intricately sculpted stone we encounter tells the captivating tale of a millennia-old culture and the eventful history of the spiritual heirs of Noah.

2023, Bilingual (text in both French and English), 112 pages, self-published, photography and text by the author.

€20 (+€6 postage & handling)

About the Author

I have been independently publishing photographic books since 2013. You won’t find them in conventional bookstores (or on Amazon), but exclusively through this webpage and at my live events. By clicking on the book cover, you can preview a few pages to get a sense of the content. You’ll observe that the primary focus lies on documentary photography and storytelling, presented bilingually in both French and English. If you wish to order multiple copies, kindly reach out to me directly. This way, you can take advantage of significant savings on shipping expenses.